• Creating a Contingency Plan for your Success

    Sometimes we can predict what bumps we might hit along the way while trying to achieve our goals. And, often, those challenges are caused by our own self-sabotage. In the video below, I explain how to reflect on your past to create a contingency plan BEFORE you fall victim to your old habits, beliefs, and various forms of self-sabotage.

  • This Year I Manifested…more than I thought!

    Here we are, the end of the year. This is often a time of reflection. And often, we don’t give ourselves enough credit for all the things we actually DID accomplish. We tend to remember one or two big things but forget about all the little tings we also did along the way.

    Creating a special place to keep track of your accomplishments, throughout the year, is a great practice and an even better “feel good” reward at the end of the year.

    I talk more about this in the video below.

  • Group Coaching Calls and Pilates over Zoom

    On-line Pilates Mat Classes over Zoom:

    I’ve decided to jump back on the mat and offer Pilates mat classes again…on Zoom. I’ve been a certified Pilates instructor for 20 years…having taught in both private studios and gyms. I taught numerous classes for over a decade at both Sports Club LA, Equinox, as well as smaller local gyms.

    Since Covid 19, I’ve shifted my Pilates training onto Zoom and I’m thrilled to see that it’s as effective as working with people in person. Almost better! You get to stay home…and share your practice with your pets! (Yes, my cat Jarod will likely be participating in the classes.)

    I provide options for all fitness levels including beginners. And, I have plenty of alternative exercises for anyone who is working with an injury. I teach a safe, fun, inclusive class…and will carefully watch you to keep you free from injuries while offering a great workout.

    All you need is a mat, a small towel, a strap (or belt, etc for stretching), some light weights (or H2O bottles or canned veggies for arm work), a ball (or block or rolled up blanket…something to squeeze between your thighs)…and YOU.

    Classes are 1hour:

    Sundays: 11am (PST) https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88056598936

    Tuesdays: 5:30pm (PST) https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89469669795 Cost: by donation (through Venmo @Brigittadau)

    I look forward to working with you!

  • Upcoming Online Workshop

    Dual Processing Dynamics – why we feel almost hardwired to sabotage ourselves.

    Date: September 27th, 1pm, (PST) over zoom

    Cost: $25

    Email me to sign up today…must sign up by September 20th…space is limited.