I love to inspire people to discover and experience their true purpose. Helping people achieve their highest potential is what I love most about my work. As a Certified Life Coach, I will assist you in finding your passion and true desires. Then, I’ll help you go for your goals by using targeted exercises that create lasting change. I’ll coach you to achieve your goals actively and live the powerful life you deserve.

Through this process, I have seen the biggest growth, lasting change, and spontaneous healing occur. I’ve seen people overcome barriers they’ve had for years… in a matter of weeks. If this sounds good to you, get in touch and we’ll get to work!

I lead group workshops and one-on-one life coaching sessions. I’m based in Los Angeles but thanks to Zoom, I can work with you wherever you are located in the US and Canada including New York, Miami, Houston, Atlanta, Vancouver, Toronto, and beyond.

Synergistic Sundays

 Overcome Your Obstacles & Accelerate Your Success

2nd Sunday of the month
10am (PST) on Zoom
Led by Brigitta Dau: Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach, Certified Pilates Instructor

In this on-line one hour class we’ll utilize three Modalities for Accelerated Change and Manifestation:

#1. Journal prompts (which you receive ahead of time, and explore on your own) to help you find clarity on what you wish to release, and what you wish to magnetize. Although the journal prompts vary from month to month, they will always support you in finding clarity on:

  • – Your Obstacles…both ‘internal’ obstacles, (i.e. limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, bad habits, etc), and ‘external’ obstacles (i.e. chronic debt, limited skills, lack of support, etc)
  • – Your Intentions…what are your goals? If the above obstacles were dissolved, what would you love to create for yourself?

#2. A gentle movement sequence to help you feel Grounded & Present.

#3. A Guided Reiki Healing Meditation (30 – 40 minutes) to Release your blocks and Magnetize your desires.

You’ll need:

  • a Mat (for your personal space)
  • a Strap (to stretch with)
  • a Blanket/pillow (to be comfy with)
  • a Journal (for your insights)


… and a willingness to explore and grow.

Cost: $40
($25 for alumni & current clients)