• #Selfcare

    Why FOLLOWING THROUGH is essential to your self-esteem.

  • Reiki Transmission List

    Wanting Reiki magic but too busy to set up a time…the Reiki Transmission List could be perfect for you!


    Get in touch today to start receiving your Reiki Transmissions for August

  • So you say you want Success?

    This is the one thing that I can predict you will need to deal with…if you truly want to achieve the success you desire…CHANGE.

  • Synergistic Sunday


    next Synergistic Sunday: June 11th. Email me to sign up today! (brigittadaucoaching@gmail.com)

  • Synergistic Sundays

                                                       Synergistic Sundays
                                                    2nd Sundays of the month
    10am (PST) on Zoom
    Release your Blocks and Magnetize your Desires

    In this on-line one hour class we’ll utilize:
    – Journal prompts to help you find clarity on what you are wishing to release as well as your intentions for the month.
    – A gentle movement sequence to bring Mindfulness to your desires.
    – A Guided Reiki Healing Meditation to help you feel grounded, energized and ready to manifest your desires.

    You’ll need:  a Mat, a Strap to stretch with, a Blanket/pillow, a Journal… and a willingness to explore and grow.

    $40 prepaid (one week in advance)

  • Stealing Trouble from the Future

    Are you “Stealing Trouble from the Future”?

    This form of self-sabotage stops us before we even begin! Don’t fall into this trap…

  • Reiki over Zoom???

    Can Reiki Healing Energy work over zoom?

  • Are you ‘Dirtying the Problem’?

    We have ALL DONE THIS!!! If you are stuck in this cycle, GET IN TOUCH NOW. Let’s get you on track to achieving your goals TODAY.

  • Complacency

    …the killer of goals

    If you have set a big goal for yourself, complacency will be something you not only need to address, but to strategically plan ahead for…
    see how to be ready, in the video below.