• EFT Tapping…

    What is it?  And how I work with people…

    In the video below I explain a bit more about what EFT Tapping is and how I work with people. (and there is a bonus video of MY STORY and why I HAD to get certified and offer this modality to people)

    Get in touch today to get started!


  • Synergistic Sundays

    Synergistic Sundays
      2nd Sundays of the month
    10am (PST) on Zoom
    Release your Blocks and Magnetize your Desires

    In this on-line one hour class we’ll utilize: 

     – Journal prompts to help you find clarity on what you are wishing to release as well as your intentions for the month.

     – A gentle movement sequence to bring Mindfulness to your desires. 

     – A Guided Reiki Healing Meditation to help you feel grounded, energized and ready to manifest your desires.

    You’ll need:  a Mat, a Strap to stretch with, a Blanket/pillow, a Journal… and a willingness to explore and grow.

    $40 prepaid (one week in advance)
    $50 drop in
    ($25 current coaching clients)
  • Your Year in Retrospect

    This is a super fun (and EFFECTIVE!) way to start manifesting your Desires, today!!!

  • “Flooding”

    …the good kind!

    A great (free!!!!!) way to destress and feel great every day!

  • Clearing the Slate/”Get ‘er Done” Challenge

    How would it feel to sit down to set your goals for 2023 with an entirely blank slate!…no “to-do” list, no leftovers from this year…

    That’s what this challenge is all about! Plus, while getting lots done, we foster the new amazing habit of “GETTING THINGS DONE”.

    Come join the challenge! (and if you want personal support, get in touch and we’ll set up a time to get to work together!)