I have leveraged Brigitta’s 1:1 coaching for 6 months. She helps me unpack the motives of my work mates, dating life, and helps me to manage my emotions in a healthy way. Through Brigitta’s guidance, she brings an additional perspective that helps me navigate tough situations with optimal outcomes. I meet with Brigitta once a week for an hour. I look forward to every interaction because I know that I’m healing old wounds and gaining valuable insights. Jackie M.

I went over 30 miles horseback riding over the weekend and one day was 15.6 miles, both were records for me (I had never gone more then 13.4 miles in a day and definitely not 2 days in a row). The only thing I have changed is doing Pilates, so thank you! 🤗🙏 A. Carter

I highly recommend participating in Synergistic Sundays taught by Brigitta Dau. There are three parts to these sessions: journaling, body movement, and meditation. I always feel more energetic and creative following the sessions. Brigitta is a wonderful instructor who guides her students gently. I also recommend working with Brigitta on a one-on-one basis in a coaching setting. I worked with her when I was getting ready to launch my book. Her valuable input and feedback were priceless. Brigitta’s guidance and teachings helped me navigate the steps of a new challenge. Don’t miss a chance to work with Brigitta Dau. You’ll be glad you did. L. Sands

Update! I completed Brigitta’s personalized “Crafting a Better Life” workshop this summer, and it came at just the right time in my life. Imagine having a life coach on speed dial, and that’s exactly what it is. Personalized, practical help with goals and forward movement in your life. Brigitta has a real gift in this department, and I am so grateful to have had her when needed the help most. The group provides a very safe and intimate setting geared towards growth, and what I love is that it has a lot of replay value. In other words, this is a workshop that you could repeat over and over again and continue to grow. Thank you so much, Brigitta, you are wonderful at what you do! I had the best time with Brigitta today. The clarity I received from her workshop as well as the support were exactly what I needed. If you’re a creative type, or just anyone who has a lot of ideas and trouble executing them, definitely go see Brigitta. I am planning on continuing with her, as this was such a valuable set of tools that she gave me today. Here’s to moving forward, Brigitta!  Laura W. (via Yelp.com

Brigitta not only has the uncanny knack to reveal the hidden obstacles you put in your own way, but she’s also committed to helping you overcome them. She’s an open, kind, honest woman with genuine enthusiasm for her work and I look forward to continuing to explore and grow with her as a supporting coach on my own personal “team.”L. Scott

Had the pleasure to be Brigitta’s client. She’s amazing, understanding and knows how to give the right direction and push the right buttons. She changed my way of thinking into another level and helped me love myself more and reach my goals. Thank you so much!”E. DeMayo

Brigitta is a kind, caring coach with a wealth of knowledge. From health and fitness to motivation she really knows her stuff. Honest, yet gentle she can guide you through just about any life issue you have. If you are looking for motivation and change in your life she is the one I would go to. After working with her for many years I can honestly recommend her private coaching or workshops.Dawn W.

Brigitta has such a loving spirit. Her workshop is something I would recommend for anyone ready to break through those walls of what hold us back from our true desires and push the start button on living an heart-guided, inspired life. She’s so easy to talk to and puts a warm energy in the room that really helps make the experience of facing your “demons” pleasant. Who knew! Ever since I even received the flyer for her workshop, things began shifting in my life. And now even after, I am so aware of where my focus has been and where it is now. The internal work that we workshopped has left me feeling happier and magical (one of my words I chose in the workshop), so much that it’s actually starting to show up in my external world as well now! I’m so excited for what’s to come and how much this workshop and Brigitta have lit this path for me. Thanks Brigitta! Highly highly recommend getting to know this fairy goddess!!! Gabriela L.

I took Brigitta’s workshop for the first time last week. It’s primary focus was “How to get out of your own way and get what you really want.” This workshop was amazing because it helps you to find out what ways you are sabotaging yourself and new ways to pursue your goals/dreams in an effective way. Plus she is such a sweetheart and fun to work with! As an actor with a schedule that is all over the place, I have learned techniques from Brigitta that help me to focus on what’s really important and what I should accomplish day to day that will help get me where I want to be in my career, relationships, health, spirituality, etc. I highly recommend her workshop. Taylor K.

I enjoy the monthly Reiki sessions called “Synergistic Sundays.” I would describe the experience as a gentle yoga warmup, followed by a guided meditation. In the meditation, we set intentions to initiate healing or to spur messages about our life journey. A. Fried

Brigitta Dau is pure magic. She is SO warm and creates a sense of community instantly, making participants feel relaxed, comfortable and safe. Simultaneously, she facilitates the quitting of the noise and seeing through the chaos until the truth gets simple and the leaps become fun and easy. Very grateful to have found her- my life is so much richer because of her guidance. K. M.

I’ve been working with Brigitta for over a decade now. She is a true master life coach and Reiki healer. Her Synergistic Sundays is a magical group of like minded people. It’s a great way to set intentions and align your energy. She has a knack for distilling information and getting to the core of what you want to achieve. Her positivity and beautiful energy will inspire you and help you achieve your goals. For anyone looking to grow, heal, or manifest your life goals you should work with Brigitta. It will be life transforming! Michelle T.

I wanted to post an update to my original since I’ve been lucky enough to continue work with Brigitta for over 2 years now! This update is specifically in regards to her workshop, Crafting a Better Life. I am grateful to have been a part of B’s group this summer and I can say that all the “work” she requires from you she also spends ten fold. There were times where I told myself that I either already knew the work or I just didn’t want to do it, but even months after the group has been long over I find myself subconsciously bringing up all those reminders and lessons. It feels like my brain is finally catching on to my own negative programming and rewiring it with barely a second thought. I honestly have to give all the props to Brigitta. It’s been a lovely 2 years and this new workshop she offers really does force you to look hard at yourself, the work may not always be pretty but it’s always been eye opening and rewarding. Thank you, once again, Brigitta. I don’t believe there will ever be a quick fix to our programming, however all of this time has been a mental gym of strength and perseverance. Out of anybody to receive help from in our self love journeys, Brigitta will always be my number one choice.Kerry S. (via Yelp.com)

Brigitta has been so incredibly effective; I can’t imagine working towards my goals without her. She encourages me to look at the challenges I am having from different angles and helps me to see solutions I have yet to realize. She is high energy but incredibly grounded. Her approach to our work has directly influenced the way I interact with my own clients and business. I leave our private sessions feeling open minded, energized, and fully capable. If you need someone in your corner who is smart, compassionate, and effective, give Brigitta a call. Laura I.

I don’t know where to begin with Brigitta. I have found so much confidence within myself and have started to break out of my shell because of Brigitta’s help. Without her, I’m sure I’d still be closer to the introverted, scared and naive person I never thought I’d escape. She takes the time to truly listen and offers different approaches, outside resources, and just a genuine honest ear. She sometimes feels like the cool big sister that just kind of tells you how it is while offering the best wishes for every outcome. I’d recommend Brigitta in a heartbeat. My eyes are far more open because of her.A.B.

To put into words what Brigitta’s workshop did for me has got to be one of the most challenging things I’ve ever had to do. I say this because there are simply not enough words to describe how thankful I am that I took her workshop. Taking Brigitta’s workshop really brought me face to face with what was holding me back from doing all of the things that I wanted to do in order to fill that void that all humans feel in their lives (you know the one I’m talking about, that feeling of waking up in the morning and not really feeling complete, like you’re missing something in your life….but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is). As an actor living in LA, I know that things can be really stressful, and sometimes things don’t always work out the way you really want them to (and that applies for everyone in every profession), and by taking Brigitta’s workshop she helped me to realize different ways that I can set my goals and accomplish everything one day at a time. Ever since I started doing things differently, I feel more productive, more accomplished, more hopeful, AND more positive things seem to have found their way to me. I can see a clear path as to what I want, where I’m going, and the steps I need to take in order to get there, and believe me…that’s a great feeling. I have several friends that have also worked with Brigitta and they would all say the exact thing. I also loved her workshop so much, that I’m going to begin taking private coaching from her one on one. I seriously seriously seriously recommend her to anyone and everyone.Stephen H.

Brigitta’s workshop was great, she is very passionate and loves helping people, the environment is very comfortable and everybody is very nice. I left feeling positive and happy. I definitely recommend anybody to take her workshop. Ana P.