It’s Official!!!

I am now a Reiki and Dowsing Energy Practitioner.

What on Earth does that mean?!?

As many of you know, I am always interested in learning more ways to support my clients.  I offer many Cognitive Behavioral Exercises, Mindful Practices, Quick Hacks to Break Bad Habits, Proven Strategies to overcome Self Sabotage, as well as a Supportive, Loving Pathway to Ending the Battle with your Body (Body Image Class…coming soon!!!!)

I also am and EFT Tapping practitioner…which is a more holistic approach to breaking habits, curbing food cravings, easing anxiety, and creating lasting change.

I’ve always been curious about Reiki as another healing modality to offer to my clients.  And recently, I discovered the practice of Dowsing Energy… a beautiful modality that works very effectively with Reiki.  So, I took the plunge and became trained in both, to offer these practices to my clients.

In the video below, I go into more detail about how they work and why I love them!  Including my own “breakthrough” with Dowsing.

Get in touch today to see if this could be just what you need to break past your barriers and enhance your life.

Are you in a RUT?!?

In this short video, I share a fast and effective way to stop you negative self talk in its tracks…and how to replace it with new empowering thoughts.