• Reiki and Watercolors Class

    Reiki Dreams and Watercolors

    Two classes to choose from!

    Sat, September 16th at
    Sun, September 17th at


  • why WILLPOWER isn’t enough

    Are you trying to break a bad habit or create positive change in your life? Willpower will not be enough. Watch the video below about how to ‘plan’ for ‘wins’ to create the change you desire.

  • The Reiki Transmission List


    Get in touch today to receive Reiki Transmissions all month. Get energetic support as you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

  • #Selfcare

    Why FOLLOWING THROUGH is essential to your self-esteem.

  • Reiki Transmission List

    Wanting Reiki magic but too busy to set up a time…the Reiki Transmission List could be perfect for you!


    Get in touch today to start receiving your Reiki Transmissions for August

  • So you say you want Success?

    This is the one thing that I can predict you will need to deal with…if you truly want to achieve the success you desire…CHANGE.

  • Synergistic Sunday


    next Synergistic Sunday: June 11th. Email me to sign up today! (

  • Synergistic Sundays

                                                       Synergistic Sundays
                                                    2nd Sundays of the month
    10am (PST) on Zoom
    Release your Blocks and Magnetize your Desires

    In this on-line one hour class we’ll utilize:
    – Journal prompts to help you find clarity on what you are wishing to release as well as your intentions for the month.
    – A gentle movement sequence to bring Mindfulness to your desires.
    – A Guided Reiki Healing Meditation to help you feel grounded, energized and ready to manifest your desires.

    You’ll need:  a Mat, a Strap to stretch with, a Blanket/pillow, a Journal… and a willingness to explore and grow.

    $40 prepaid (one week in advance)