Eating at night when we are not hungry  is one of the most frustrating habits we have.

      It is also one of the toughest habits to break.

When our willpower fails us, we feel like this unwanted behavior is out of our control.  Then, after feeling utterly defeated, we eat more!  It can feel like an insurmountable, never ending cycle.

Breaking the ‘Night Noshing Habit’ is what this workshop is all about.  

The reason we ‘night nosh’, is specific to each of us.  Together, we’ll investigate and uncover our specific reasons for using food in this way.  Then, armed with this knowledge, we’ll create new life affirming habits and say goodbye to ‘night noshing’.

Workshop includes both written material and group coaching.

Sunday, Jan 28th, 1pm – 3pm PST (over zoom)

Cost $125 ($100 if registered by Jan 20th) Space is limited

Contact me at to sign up today.