Want to infuse your Dreams with “Reiki Magic”?

Reiki is a Japanese energy technique that supports relaxation, creativity, clarity, and healing.  The PERFECT ingredient for manifesting our desires!

Creating a Vision Board is a fun, easy way to not only ‘envision’ our goals, but to actually achieve them.

A Vision board is a collection of images that represent a dream, a desired feeling, or anything that we wish to see manifest in our lives.   It’s a playful, creative way to help us focus and stay motivated towards achieving our goals.

Combining Reiki meditation with Vision Boarding helps us to find clarity and focus while letting go of our inner critic and self doubt.  All of which lays the groundwork for our dreams to be made manifest.

In this class, you will experience a relaxing and clarifying guided meditation, learn and explore the craft of paper collage, and go home with your own “Reiki Infused” Vision Board.