…a step towards ending the comparison game

Comparison is a normal human behavior.  We are pack animals by nature and we look to our peers to see if we are fitting in or not.  This is an old survival strategy that served us very well back in the caveman days.  However, as we’ve evolved, so has our internal critical voices which are often focussed on negative comparisons.  And social media is a hotbed for creating horrible self talk.

Social media can be a wonderful way to reach people, celebrate our successes and share what’s going on in our lives.

However, social media can also lead to anxiety, depression, and isolation.  This happens when we go online and compare our lives to the lives of others.  And often, we do this completely unconsciously.  We pick up our phone and scroll away without acknowledging the impact those images are having on us.

I’ve suggested before that we all take a 24 hour break from our phones.  If you haven’t tried that yet, I highly recommend you pick a day this week, and disconnect from all technology for the whole day.  No facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, etc.  The benefit of this exercise is two fold.  First, you realize how addicted you are to ‘checkin in’.  And, you free up a LOT of energy to do others things.  And we ALL want more energy!

Another action you can take right now, is to detox your feed.  Look at who you’re following and decide who lifts you up, celebrates you, and is in alignment with your beliefs and ideals.  

Who are you following and why?  

Are you following people that make you feel insecure, unattractive, or just leave you feeling bad about yourself?

Even if you are following someone you are a fan of, how does it make you FEEL when you see their posts?  Do you feel envy?  Anger?  Guilt?  Do you compare how great they’re doing to how well you’re doing?  And if you’re like most people, you check your feed A LOT which means you are reinforcing over and over again these negative feelings.

And let’s be honest about what we post…we share our best moments that have been filtered and photoshopped to look even better than they actually are!  There are not a lot of us out there sharing our bad hair days on instagram!

So do yourself a huge act of self love and unfollow who is not serving you. 

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