I can say I’ve done many things, had several businesses, and made plenty of mistakes. And I regret none of it. Our ups and downs inform us of who we are becoming and what parts of us we’re shedding. I’ve always loved the holistic healing arts. I’ve met with psychics, past life regression therapists, conventional therapists, and life coaches. And although I’ve gained incredible insight from all of them, I didn’t start to see the REAL changes I was desiring until I worked with my own life coach.

That’s when I realized I was not only ready but compelled to lead workshops and offer my time as a life coach. It’s time to get on with living the lives we are meant to live….and I believe when we are doing that, we have all the energy and passion we need. And the resources appear as well. And then we can create the change we want in the world.

So…how did I get here?

At 15 I was teaching piano. I had my own business (piano lessons and recitals) within a few years of starting down that path.

All the while I was dreaming and planning to be an actress. Which happened. I booked a hit TV series “Northwood” at the age of 19 and enjoyed acting professionally in both Canada and the U.S. for over a decade. Co-staring in “Bye-Bye Birdie” with Jason Alexander, co-writing producing-starring in an award winning short film “Stalkers”, and a table reading with Madonna, were just a few of the highlights from that time. (yes, Madonna…I was totally freaking out!)

But then, I shifted gears again. As much as I loved acting, I knew it was time to move on. I got certified as a Pilates instructor and began my work in the fitness industry. But I was never in it for the body. (honestly, I’ve battled body issues my whole life and have worked with many women on that issue) I was inspired by how, through the vehicle of Pilates, I could help people feel good about themselves. It was through Pilates that I myself was able to create a more loving relationship with my body, cultivate my spirituality, improve my posture…and feel good.

And start the healing process.

And so, I taught Pilates, Spinning, and YogaTuneUp for Equinox as well as creating several fusion classes for them. Aside from teaching in my own home studio (where my naughty cats participate!), I also work with patients at a Physical Therapist’s office as well as at a high end small studio – Target Pilates.

That should sound like enough, right? Wrong! It became evident that although I love Pilates, I wanted a direct experience with people without the vehicle of Pilates. I wanted to work with groups of women and create life changing workshops that can fit into their already busy schedules. I wanted to empower women to take risks and own their power and spiritual nature.

I wanted to work with women one on one to deconstruct their inner self sabotage, overcome resistance, and end the self defeating behaviors. I wanted to help them make room for the good stuff…the challenge and passion of living life on all cylinders. I’ve seen the ripple effect more times than I can count…we really can make this world a better place…one actualized decision at a time.

And last but not least…I’m a knitter. After shifting out of acting, my creative juices were not happy.  I opened my store on Etsy, Collywobble County, where I sell whimsical creatures, patterns, and kits. I usually have several projects on the needles and I have enough yarn to be on that show “hoarders” (well, not quite!)

I’ve been married to an amazing, supportive man for 16 years, and we’ve recently taken up golfing together which has proven to be both fabulous and incredibly annoying. I periodically threaten to quit and take up backgammon.

I look forward to hearing from you.