On-line Mat Pilates classes  starting in August

I’ve decided to jump back on the mat again and offer Pilates Mat Classes over Zoom.

I’ve been a certified Pilates Instructor for 20 years… having taught in both private studios and gyms.  I taught numerous classes for over a decade at both Sports Club LA and Equinox as well as other smaller local gyms in Los Angeles.

Since Covid 19, I’ve shifted my Pilates training to be on Zoom and I’m thrilled to see that it’s as effective as working with people in person.  Almost better, in fact.  Teaching over Zoom allows for people to be in their own home…and share their practice with their pets!  (Yes my cat, Jarod, will likely be participating in the classes!)

I provide options for all fitness levels including beginners.  And, I have plenty of alternative exercises for anyone who is working with an injury.

And, if you’ve never taken Pilates with me, let me say…I teach a safe, fun, inclusive class.  I will carefully watch you to keep you free from  injuries while offering a great workout.

Starting August 9th, I will be offering 3 classes a week.

Cost:   by donation.  (Through Venmo  @Brigittadau)

Class times will be:

Sundays: 11am (PST)  start date August 9th 

Tuesdays: 5:30 pm (PST)  start date August 11th

Wednesdays: 12pm (PST)  start date August 12th

Let me know which classes you would like to attend, and I’ll send you the zoom link.  I look forward to working with you!