Gratitude is a well studied attitude that has been proven to relieve stress, increase joy, and connect us to our spiritual selves.

Because of this, there are many ideas (entire books even!) on ‘Gratitude’ as a daily practice.  You can make a gratitude journal, write daily lists, end your days with gratitude, share your gratitude at dinner with your family, have gratitude parties…the list of ways to explore gratitude are endless.

However, none of them will have any lasting effect on you unless to take in your gratitude fully.  In other words, you have to feel so grateful that your entire body feels it.  

This is a crucial and often neglected aspect to include when manifesting our desires.  

Let’s quickly review the steps of manifestation that I use with myself and my clients.  

I think we all pretty much know that having a clear idea of what we want is the first step to manifesting it.  So, get clear and specific on what you desire.  I’m a big fan of writing this out in great detail. 

The next step is to embrace what it feels like to embody that outcome.  If your goal is health related, how does your body FEEL if you are truly embodying health?  How do you stand, move, speak, listen, engage with other people, etc.  

If your goal is financial abundance, same question:  how does it feel, in your body, to feel abundant?  What new relationships do you have and how does that feel?  How are you communicating, and what are your daily thoughts and actions?  How do you feel thinking these new thoughts? 

The more you can FEEL into your future the more 2 things will happen:

Your body and nervous system will become more comfortable with this unknown future.  And by gaining comfort in a possibly uncomfortable journey, you will have more ease in handling your fear when it arrises.

Secondly, your energy will change to match your new desired goal.  And because it is a universal law that ‘like energy attracts like energy’, assistance and synchronicities will enter your days making your success seem more achievable.

This is all great!  But not enough.  The key ingredient to manifesting that is often forgotten is ‘gratitude’.  You can’t just visualize and embody your desires and then carry on with your day as usual.  You have to end your visualization and embodiment with a full experience of total gratitude…as if it has already happened.  Literally flood yourself with the gratitude you feel for your desires having been heard and delivered to you…ALREADY.  

At this point you can utilize your lists, journals, etc.  But not until you fully FEEL the gratitude and BELIEVE your desire has in fact been heard and received…and ultimately, manifested.

So again, Gratitude is great but only if you feel it fully.  And, tack it onto the end of your manifesting visualization and notice the immediate shifts in your awareness and your energy.

One last thing.  People love the idea of manifesting but rarely actually sit down and do what I listed above.  Fantasizing is not the same as envisioning, embodying, and cultivating gratitude.  You have to actually put in the effort (daily) if you want to experience the positive effects of manifestation.

I love working with people on this!  And, stay tuned…I’ll be offering a course on this very topic in the near future.  But, if you want some extra help right now, get in touch and together we’ll get you manifesting effortlessly.

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