Looking back over the year… with gratitude.

2021…what a year.  This is a beautiful time to reflect on the year…the gifts of learning it brought you, the lessons that helped you evolve, the challenges that made you stronger and the successes that lit you up.

The main thing to keep in mind, is to look back with gratitude.  This is not to negate or minimize the pain that you may or may not have experienced this year. (and if you’ve worked with me at all this year you know this year was a year of loss and release for me…plenty of tears!)  Gratitude for the good and even the tough moments will help you elevate your energy and set you up beautifully for any goals you may be setting for 2022.

And in terms of goals?  If you have big juicy plans for next year, feel free to get in touch and have me on board as part of your accountability and support team.  I’d love to see you achieve all that you desire!

So let’s look back with gratitude, and then together move forward with ebtgysuasbn fir what 2022 holds in store for us.

Much love!