…how to better manage your energy

By now, the holidays are in full swing which brings hustle and bustle and plenty of zapped energy.  I’m a big fan of the extra cup of coffee in the afternoon, but, that is a short term solution to managing your energy.

If you think of your energy as if it were your bank account, you can more easily see where improvements could be made.  And just like our money, if we’re not adding to our balance, eventually we go into overdraft.  Same with our energy.

This exercise takes a little time but is absolutely worth it.

I recommend keeping a running list of times you notice your energy being zapped…for at least a few days.  Just become present to where you are carelessly wasting energy, over reacting, unorganized, etc.

Part of energy management is organization and prioritization.

For example, if you know you have an early morning tomorrow, taking the time to get organized the night before will help your morning run more smoothly.  Most of us, if we wait until the morning to get organized, we waste a lot of energy running around.  Planning ahead could help us stop that energy leak.

Also, prioritizing where you’re putting your energy and why can be a great way to cultivate and restore your energy.  Scrolling through social media might feel like a mindless distraction, but it’s stealing energy from something else that you could be doing.  Notice what you are unconsciously prioritizing and see if you can instead consciously decide what you want to put your energy behind.

After all, we all want to ENJOY the holidays, not dread them.  Find those leaks and stop them before the holidays leave you run down.